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Solutions for Nucleic Acid Sequncing, Synthesis and Detection

  • Run from 1 to 20 samples simultaneously!
  • No need for batching or barcoding
  • Fully Licensed SBS Chemistry and Hardware
  • Parallel Operations on Multiple Cells for FAST Cycle Times
  • Up to 4 GBases per flow cell
  • Ideal for targeted sequencing applications and RNA-Seq
  • Sample Queue controls multiple samples running multiple applications
  • Single sample, reusable, flow cells
  • Very low cost per sample from very low reagent consumption!
  • Multiple Library Protocols

MINI-20 DNA Sequencer

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MINI-20 Details

  • The MINI-20 was designed by Intelligent BioSystems to be an optimized platform to run Sequencing by Synthesis(SBS) Chemistry, exclusively Licensed from Columbia University. With SBS you are able to achieve the maximum read lengths using simple, rugged protocols.
  • The MINI-20 runs from 1 to 20 samples simultaneously with each of the sequencing and detection steps performed in parallel for ultra fast sample times!
  • Each reusable flow cell is designed to hold a single, isolated sample so there is no need for batching or barcoding, thus eliminating the chance for sample contamination!
  • The MINI-20 employs the latest advances in library construcion including Rolony library construcion developed by the Church Laboratory at Harvard Medical School.
  • The MINI-20 fluidics are designed so that each reagent it plumbed to an individual "station" so there is no need to rinse lines between stations; thus greatly reducing reagent consumption!
  • The MINI-20 uses Windows-based software for control and data collection that employs a Queue for managing and prioritizing samples, it even calulates the reagent requirements for your run!
  • With the MINI-20 you can process up to 10 SAMPLES PER DAY!
  • The MINI-20, designed for targeted sequencing, RNA-Seq and other high volume applications is ideal for a diagnostic company or core facility with a large sample requirement!

Max-Seq System Specifications

Reagent Handling Separate chambers for cooled and room temp reagents. Cooled reagents in Falcon tubes.
Carousel Movement Rotates using stepper motors
Fluidics Zero Loss, each station independent and isolated.
Sequencing Throughput Up to 10 Smples per day!
Library Construction Protocols Employs both Polony (bead) and Rolony Library Construction Protocols
Features Per Flow Cell Up to 35 Million Features per lane
Read Length SBS kits available for 35 and 55bp reads
Applications Targeted Sequencing, RNA-Seq, ChiPSeq, Ohers
Optics Autofocus 4 Color Optics with CCD Detection
Data Processing MS-Windows Control, Sample Queue Management, Phase Correction and Data Processing
Output File Formats The system outputs processed data in FASTQ format
Computer Multi Core PC with 2 TBytes of Storage
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
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