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Just-A-Plate Technology

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The key to the just a plate technology is SSRB (solid surface reversible binding).  With SSRB, DNA and RNA are bound to the walls of the plate to isolate it away from all of the other cellular proteins, lipids, salts and other debris so that it can easily be purified.  The coating acts like a “magnet” for DNA and RNA to capture DNA and RNA on the surface of the wall, while all other cellular materials simply go to the bottom of the tube, where they can be extracted.

When Compared to Conventional technology, Just-A-Plate  saves time and money.  It saves time because the DNA or RNA purification protocol is greatly simplified and saves money because you do all of your purification steps in one plate instead of transferring over and over and throwing out plastic. 

See below for a comparison of protocols:

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Just-A-Plate                 Traditional

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