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Genome Annotation System

The Genome Annotation System (GAS) is a Cloud-based BioInformatics tool designed to analyze any genome sequence data, including; whole genome, exome, cancer genome, transcritome, plus many others. Simply upload or send your data in FASTQ format and the software does all the rest. It analyzes the data, performs quality analysis on the raw data, does all polymorphism calling, inlcuidng SNPs, Insertions, Deletions, tranlocations, etc., against a reference genome. It then gives you easy to use graphical tools to evaluate the analysis chromasome-by-chromasome.

After the raw data analysis, that is where the GAS system is unparalleled. It analyzes the genome to provide you genotype to phenotype associations. It evaluates the SNPs found to provide you the current medical relevance of the mutations present. And, it provides relevant pharmacogenetic information from the genomic profile. It even provides phylogeny tracing. All of the tools required to make your human genome sequencing data informative.

G.A.S. Sequence Analysis GAS performs raw data analysis of your genome. It performs alignment and assembles the genome from the raw data. It then performs quality analysis and shows you graphically the quality of your data.
G.A.S. SNP Calling GAS performs all SNP calling, including insertions, deletions, translocations, etc. It then provides you handy tools to review the SNP calls gene-by-gene, chromasome-by-chromasome.
G.A.S. Genotype/Phenotype Analysis After aligning and analyzing your genome. The GAS system provides relevant genotyp to phenoty information, everything from hair color, height and skin colory to propensity to obesity and other traits.
G.A.S. Medical Relevance Finally, this is the first system to take the SNPs identified and determine the medical relevance. It derives from current literature the conditions and diseases presented in the genome and assignes a risk to the condition in an easy to follow format.
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