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Solutions for Nucleic Acid Sequncing, Synthesis and Detection

  • OligoArray
  • Oligo-800
  • Dr. Oligo
  • ABI 394
  • ABI Expedite
  • ABI 3900
  • Thermo EXP
  • ABI 7000
  • ABI 7300
  • ABI 7500
  • ABI 7900
  • Biotrove
  • ABI 310
  • ABI 3100
  • Voyager DE/STR
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Sequencer Reagents Polonator Reagents
Just-A-Plate Purification DNA/RNA Synthesis Reagents

Azco offers a full line of reagents for Genome Analysis, Sequencing, Purification, DNA/RNA Synthesis and Molecular Detection. Click Image to learn more.


Genome Sequencers Sanger Sequencers
DNA/RNA Synthesizers Real-Time PCR

Azco offers a full line of instruments for Genome Analysis, Sequencing, DNA/RNA Synthesis and Detection browse our offerings above or click an image to learn more.


Azco Service Offerings

Azco backs all of the instruments offered with world-class with a variety of service plans to meet your needs click image to learn more about our service offerings for more information

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